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Welcome to my personal blog! Hire me, learn from me, partner with me, or just keep in touch with me. Here’s how…

First of all, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Candace Cheri (aka: Cheri Amour, Candyland, Queen Candace, or just simply, Candy).

…and that canon lens tea cup you see me drinking from, my camera, lighting equipment, and laptop are things I travel with regularly.

In order to be a photographer, website investor, and advertising media buyer who is always in demand, you must stay ready so you don’t have to get ready :-)

Cheri Amour Photography

Special shoutout to my Wardrobe Stylist, Kimberly, for this perfectly fitting jumpsuit from her online boutique, Priceless Boutique!

As an advertising photographer I’ve had experience shooting various assignments from:

  • Album Art/Covers
  • Products
  • Families
  • and Corporate Headshots


  • Real Estate
  • Celebrities
  • Acting/Modeling Headshots
  • and Events for companies to include (but not limited to) Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Chase Bank, Disney, CBS and 20th Century Fox.

However, I’ve learned that in order to create the perfect photograph for your needs, whatever that may be, it comes down to a combination of art AND science.

Creativity is the artistic part, but proper lighting, the right lenses, and correct camera settings are the parts that are scientific.

When the two come together you have success!

For instance… Wouldn’t you like to take the perfect family picture?

My family needed a new group picture, but with 8 members having multiple schedules and varying patience to sit around to get a perfect shot, there had to be a better way.

It was much easier to take every member separately, on their own time, and Photoshop it all by merging it into perfection!

Here’s the final result:


You now have the perfect sidekick in your life!


…because if you’re looking to take your images to the next stage and you want assistance in building your brand online or creating a strategic advertising campaign, you’ve come to the right place.

By building my first website from scratch in 2007, to launching a successful photography blog in 2009 that started profiting only 6 months later, I’ve developed a passion for and understanding of building website assets.

Your images are the start of a real online business.

I’m your perfect sidekick because I know how to get your website (and photography) ranked on the first page of Google when people search for something specific to what you’re offering.

From there, there’s still room to launch a paid advertising campaign, reaching thousands to millions of your potential fanbase, who may become your next customer or client!

I can either provide you with a custom photo shoot, I can source the right images for you to license, we can simply use images you already own or merge a combination of all three.

…but not until then, does the real fun begin.

As a website developer, I have the experience and knowledge in building websites that become assets.

By creating unique content, implementing best practices for getting ranked on the first page of Google for consistent visitors and advertising for immediate exposure. The ability to “get your idea out there” is all within reach.

With options to get in front of your ideal target audience, whether they’re on Facebook, CNN or somewhere in between, the outlets are plentiful.

…and whether you choose to keep your website or sell it to the highest bidder, you will have built a valuable digital asset. One that can sell to an investor and put money in your pocket to do other things.

Things like paying off debt, student loans, and medical bills. Or even go on vacation while also using the money as capital to launch your NEXT project!

Did you know websites that generate steady income are valued to investors for as much as 30 times what it’s making per month?

Let’s be conservative and say over the course of 24 months, you grow your website to a $10,000/month asset. It could later be sold for as much as $300,000.

Not bad for ONE website! The lovely thing is you can rinse and repeat the process and begin to have a portfolio of websites.

Combining photography with web design and advertising is my passion. Whether I’m building my own portfolio, or helping you build yours, launching creative ideas is what I love to do.

So where do we go from here? If you have an idea you’re ready to launch, you’ve already launched something and ready to scale it up, or you just want to get to know me better and keep in touch, here’s how to do so…

1. To hire me, you can contact me directly through my Upwork profile. Send me an invitation with your project description and budget and I will reply back to get more details from you and see if we will be a good fit to work together. Make me an offer I can’t refuse ;)

2. To partner with me, I’m open to working on fun and unique projects, where we can build a website asset and split the profits. Click here for the first step.

3. To simply keep in touch with me, you can leave me a message via email, or get to know each other better via Facebook or Twitter. Let’s be friends whether we work together or not :-)

4. To learn from me, you can become a student of my online video course: Apple Box Academy (COMING SOON). You’ll learn how to build a beautiful website, create viral content for your blog and advertise it to 100,000 people instantly, all packaged within a beautiful mobile App that you’ll be able to customize on demand!

…or you can become an affiliate of my online course. I’ll pay you 50% of a $97 product. Everything will be tracked and checks are sent directly to you. No having to hunt me down for your hard earned money lol!

Cheri Amour

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