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Whether you need to:

1. Set up a photo shoot

2. Have a website built or updated

3. Come up #1 on Google and major search engines

4. Or maybe you have a custom request?

My goal is to personally help you, and if we’re not a good fit, I hope to guide you in the right direction.

Send me an email here, to get the conversation going. I look forward to hearing from you.

- Candace (Cheri Amour)

“The Apple Box Agency is top of the line. An expert in everything that they do. Ms. Candace “Cheri” Clark is one in a million.

It feels good to know that I can work with a company and reach out to the CEO directly just as I do for my clients. She has always been patient, understanding and listened to my wants and needs.

She made my website everything I wanted, needed and more. I can’t wait to partner with The Apple Box Agency for her marketing visions.

Her expertise has helped me cultivate my healthcare business. Thank you for all that you do and more.”

- Medical Coding & Billing Company Owner

“The Apple Box Agency is the best ever. The CEO Candace Cheri (Amour) Clark really has built a well-oiled system to help business owners like myself grow in a new technology age that can feel intimidating.

The tool and knowledge you will gain will help any business owner take their business to the next level. Speaking from experience and needing to have websites built for other businesses I own.

The Apple Box Agency not only made things easier for me and brought out all my ideas in my head to make them a reality without taking over and making it their ideas.

They really work with you in ways you feel confident with your online business profile. I know now I will get more traffic and potentially a larger customer base. Thank you The Apple Box Agency!”

- Andre Roberson

“Professionalism, it is a great commercial, IT IS WHAT YOU SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN. If you are out there in need of a web designer or looking for someone to work on any project.

You do not need to look any further you have just found her. Cheri Amour is the connection for your business small or large. She will represent you with EXCELLENCE…”

-King of Kings SDR

As an Advertising Director for a creative agency, I’ve had the opportunity to experience every aspect of building a brand for entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses.

This video is an example of my work.

It was customized in After Effects and has been used as a commercial to promote a new service many clients and new prospects have been asking for (domain name registration, hosting, WordPress customization and online marketing).

From photography, product mockups, graphic design, web design, email marketing, landing page creation, A/B split testing and traffic generation to one of my favorite subjects, copywriting and search engine optimization (SEO), I’ve had the opportunity to oversee the FULL scope of a creative project.

I have a degree in Art, with an emphasis in Photography and a certificate in Marketing.

However, my original major was Chemistry Pre-Med.

Yes… I love using BOTH sides of my brain and I feel like the knowledge I gained in college, that I later applied to the real world, has been the best learning experience in my career.

Why? …because “Action & Experience Trumps Theory”.

I could have all the book smarts in the world, but experience has ALSO taught me things I could not have learned if I never applied what I learned in school to action.

If you think about it, hiring an artist like me is the most powerful asset to your business. A business at ANY level, who can make their products look incredible and desirable, stands apart from their competition.

Simply put, in order to realize your next goal, an artist with photography, web design, and advertising experience can be a valuable addition to your vision.

Combing an attractive product with a tailored advertising strategy is how I’ve been able to use my experience BEST.

I am someone who understands how to use science AND art, to successfully help a brand increase exposure and speak to their target market in ways they may have never considered.

I understand how search engines work in the online marketplace, but have a unique point of view when executing, due to my art and science background.

An SEO optimizes Web sites and Web pages to rank high in the search results, which in turn results in traffic and ultimately means selling customers on your services or products.

My goal is to tailor the perfect combination of my skills to set you apart.

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