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Cheri Amour Photographs The Catch’s Alimi Ballard (now on ABC) for Designer Original Magazine.

The first time my rep Damian Love booked a photo shoot with television actor Alimi Ballard for me, we had a wonderful time!

We worked with Red Bottom Events on the interviewing phase of the shoot and had Top Notch Protective Services provided by celebrity trainer Malakai Ray.

The team on set from our talented wardrobe stylist, Marlayna Cherisse, to our sushi chefs all helped the shoot to be a success! Shoots like these, though, are what help build great relationships with the people you work with.



…because YEARS after our first shoot, I had the pleasure to work with Alimi Ballard again. This time, for the cover and feature story of Designer Original Magazine.

I can’t help but feel proud of Alimi, every time I see him in a new movie or television show. He’s an inspiring person to work with and has a beautiful family to top it off. GO Alimi!




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