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Cheri Amour Photographs Forever DOON who has NEW MUSIC with Epic Records’ Future…

It was a late Thursday night and Doon was only going to be in town for a few days. I had a meeting with a new client in Australia, a photo shoot, images to edit and a web design to update for a project.

I knew it was going to be a long day, but knowing that I’d be ending it with a photo shoot of DOON kept my energy up and excited to pull through.

It was a random, last minute shoot, and we made the best of it. A lovely Hilton hotel tucked in the heart of Los Angeles was our location.

So I set up shop in his room, looked for the best composition and we made it happen. Great conversation about life, art, and creativity sparked. Along with news of him performing on stage with Ginuwine, Juvenile, and Mystikal.

PLUS! Having a song rotating on the Music Choice channel, with Epic Records’ Future was the icing on the cake.

Self-promoted with a vision and non-stop drive, ForeverDoon is going places, fast! I’m enjoying watching the growth of his career and so happy I was able to capture a time in in his life when he was realizing his dreams. He can only go up from here :-)


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