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Amy Thomas is Raw Talent… When you see it, you know IMMEDIATELY that they have the “IT FACTOR”. She’s truly a diamond that shines.

There are SO many talented people in this world who can sing, but sometimes there are simply DIAMONDS hidden in the rough.

The types of voice that stays in your head for a lifetime, because it’s just THAT pure, THAT silky smooth and THAT anointed.

The type of voice that confirms your faith in God and the gifts he has given us.

In 2016 I hope to work with talented people like Amy Thomas.

People who have a gift that the whole world should know of. Some things are just too good to keep quiet and she is one of them.

I don’t know about you… but there are only a handful of people whose voice really moves me.

They remind me that we are here for a purpose and our gifts are not to be wasted.

Even is she wasn’t my cousin, I’d still be rooting for her. This girl is just pure, raw, REAL talent!

I had to post it here on my website, just so I can listen to it whenever I feel like it :-)

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