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Over 10,000 views in one month!

For those of you who may (or may not) know, I’ve been heavily focused on the new changes and growth with my creative advertising agency, The Apple Box Agency.

I’ve the next 12 months I expect to see all of my website projects getting thousands of visitors every month and I’m excited to see how 2016 pans out.

As I finish writing my eBook and adding oil to all of my website machines, I’ll also be looking into partnerships and touching base with those I’ve already spoken to, about this idea.

I want to work with creative individuals interested in creating UNIQUE quality content, based on your expertise and then driving thousands of visitors to what we create and hopefully we make some money out of it.

Stay tuned for more details during The New Year!

Lastly… I’d like to thank those of you who shared, liked, commented or even simply watched the commercial I worked so hard on, for The Apple Box Agency!

It’s because of you that we were able to reach over 20,000 views in less than a month.

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